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Intel sent out a message Wednesday saying it will be abandoning the classic desktop PC and leaving it to rivals like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, even AMD maybe, to supply the boxes' basic boards to HP, Dell and the other vendors. "We disclosed internally today," it said, "that Intel's Desktop Motherboard Business will begin slowly ramping down over the course of the next three years." It means to divert those resources to Ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones. It said "The internal talent and experience of 20 years in the boards business...is being redistributed to address emerging new form factors." "Intel will stop developing new Desktop boards once Haswell launch is completed," the company said. Haswell is due to start rolling out this summer. "Intel expects the broad and capable motherboard ecosystem...Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and many others...to fully support Intel's grow... (more)

Cougar Point Fallout

After Intel disclosed its billion-dollar Cougar Point chipset flub Monday, Samsung said it will offer the people who bought 2,000-3,000 of its PCs that carry the tainted widget a refund or exchange on Intel's dime. NEC told Bloomberg that it would probably delay shipping four new models. HP has canceled a business notebook announcement scheduled for February 10, stopped making desktops and laptops with the chip and halted shipments. It's offering refunds or exchanges. Dell's got kit impacted in its XPS, Vostro and Alienware lines and has halted production. It will either take machines back or replace the motherboards when it gets the fixed chipset from Intel. Asustek reportedly shipped a lot of product and is recalling it. According to Bloomberg it expects its February revenues to be off by $35 million. Apple is reportedly unaffected. Well, at least it's not saying ... (more)

SECUDE’s Secure Login Client Version 5.0 Enables Windows 7 Support

Security Journal on Ulitzer The need for an easy single, yet secure, login procedure has always been an elusive issue for many big organizations. Multiple user names and passwords, multiple logins, and the ensuing confusion and frustration consume much of a user's productivity in terms of time and energy. Secure Login Secure Login provides secure Single Sign-On and total landscape encryption for SAP supporting a variety of different authentication mechanisms including Active Directory, LDAP, SAP-ID, RADIUS, RSA SecurID®, SQL DB, and even smart cards. Secure Login is tightly integrated into SAP by making use of its Secure Network Communications (SNC) framework and by fully supporting SAP's Cryptographic Library (SAPCryptolib) which means that no third party or SECUDE components need to be installed on the SAP server. However, SECUDE also provides its own cryptograph... (more)

Microsoft Launches Windows 8, Surface Tablets

Microsoft Thursday launched the biggest, most dramatic makeover of its operating system since Windows went graphical, perfuming the effort with a billion-dollar marketing budget. Windows 8 will be on the street Friday, October 26. It has to best the competition from the smartphones and iPads that have helped Apple and Google suck up a lot of Microsoft's business. If the new un-Microsoft-like operating system doesn't catch on - it has no familiar Start button or menu - it could be curtains for CEO Steve Ballmer and maybe even the company. Microsoft has been late to the Internet, search and mobile and looks to be an old relic, whose stock barely moves anymore, compared to Apple, Google and Amazon. The new touchscreen-favoring widgetry - with colored tiles instead of icons to indicate applications - will turn up on hundreds of x86 PCs, tablets and hybrids in the com... (more)

Microsoft’s Quarter Shrugs Off Falling PC Sales

Microsoft shrugged off the precipitous downturn in PC sales and the diffident reception given Windows 8 Thursday when it posted record fiscal Q3 results. It returned 72 cents a share, up 19%, on revenues of $20.49 billion, up 18%, beating expectations of 68 cents, but coming up light on the top line which Wall Street thought would be $20.53 billion or thereabouts. In the same period last year Microsoft did 60 cents on $17.7 billion. Earnings took a nine-cent-a-share hit because of the European Commission's latest $733 million fine. The company also said that CFO Peter Klein will be leaving by the end of this quarter after four years in the job and 11 years at the company. Microsoft expects to find a replacement among its financial staff in the next few weeks. The company has lost a lot of familiar faces. The Windows Division came in with revenues up 23% year-over-year... (more)

Novell Refuses to Let WordPerfect Antitrust Suit Die

The federal judge who's been minding Novell's billion-dollar WordPerfect antitrust suit threw out its remaining claims Monday theoretically bringing the generation-old dispute dating to Windows 95 and the reign of Bill Gates to an end. Novell however says it's going to appeal the bench ruling granting Microsoft's motion to dismiss as a matter of law. An eight-week trial in December ended in a hung jury of 11 to one in favor of Novell. Judge Frederick Motz said in his decision that "Although Novell presented evidence from which a jury could have found that Microsoft engaged in aggressive conduct, perhaps to monopolize or attempt to monopolize the applications market, it did not present evidence sufficient for a jury to find that Microsoft committed any acts that violated Section 2 [of the Sherman Antitrust Act] in maintaining its monopoly in the operating systems ... (more)

Alfred Poor’s New Video Reviews

New Media on Ulitzer My long-time former PC Magazine colleague Al Poor has begun his own series of video reviews of consumer products on his YouTube channel here. You can find a new Epson photo printer, the Buffalo Terrastation, and other products. Like my WebInformant.tv series, they are sponsored by the vendor and are short, fact-packed five minute pieces.  ... (more)

Lenovo Introduces an ‘Interpersonal Computer’

Remember Microsoft's Surface? Well, Lenovo's got this thing called the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC that it's touting as the first "interpersonal computer." It's a Window 8 dingus with a 27-inch screen that can be laid down or stood up so four people can use it all at once as though it was a big board game, which went fitted out with paddles and joysticks appears to be its main purpose. Surface, now called PixelSense, was designed for store displays and other commercial applications. The Table PC's screen, which is the size of eight iPads sewn together, is said to respond to 10 fingers touching it at the same time. Photos and videos can be rotated. It weighs 15lbs and will cost $1,699 this summer when it goes on sale. ... (more)

Apple’s Revenge

Goldman Sachs figures tablet shipments will grow 500% to 54.7 million next year - 37.2 million of them iPads - cannibalizing around 19 million notebooks and netbooks or ~35% of PC sales; the year after it'll be 79.2 million tablets and 33% of the PC market. It expects PCs to grow only 8% next year. Since Microsoft and Intel haven't mustered a significant response to the expected ARM-based iOS/Android barbarians at the gate - and may never get another chance - Goldman says that if its "tablet forecast is anywhere near accurate, this would be the first time in three decades that a non-Wintel technology has made legitimate inroads into personal computing" and "could have significant implications across the technology industry as a whole." It says if you lump iPads and Macs together - something Gartner, for instance, doesn't do, regarding the iPad as a media device, not ... (more)

NComputing Fields $200 ‘Thin Client’

Cloud Expo Europe €550 Savings here! Cloud Expo West $800 Savings here! NComputing, the share-a-PC outfit, launched what it calls a full-fledged $200 Windows PC for the enterprise Monday. The L300 multimedia thin client, the latest in a series of models, is a little box that connects to a standard Windows computer and uses that PC as a server so a bunch of users can share it through NComputing's distributed computing software. The box, in turn, is connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities ! The Ethernet-based widget shares the excess power of standard PCs just like old terminals shared a slice of the computing power of a mainframe way back when. NComputing says that with the L300 as many as eight clients can share a $700 PC and each one of those clients can simultaneously run a 1080p high-definition video. T... (more)

HP Tries a Chromebook

PCs being what they are nowadays HP went into the Chromebook business Monday. Demand for the kind of ho-hum computing the thing exemplifies is apparently expanding. Acer says that its $199 C7 Chromebook now accounts for 5%-10% of its US shipments. Samsung, which leads in the space, has a $249 ARM-based Chromebook and a more fully featured $449 version. Lenovo will be coming out with a $429 ThinkPad X131e Chromebook later this month. The $330-to-start HP widget is called the Pavilion 14 Chromebook. The 14 comes from its 14-inch 1,366-by-768-pixel screen, the largest on the market so far. The 4lb dingus is built on a dual-core 1.1GHz Intel Celeron chip, 16GB of flash storage, 2GB of RAM, expandable to 4GB, with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, a 720p camera, three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port and an SD card slot. HP says the battery is only good for four hours and 15 minutes. Samsung ... (more)